Welcome to the History of “The Row.”  We will be adding  media, etc. as information is provided to us.

Main Dinning Room from Above!

About the Legacy

You may have been a part of the History of this Restaurant in some way shape or form. We all wish to know more about its history…

They have a lot of old city directories at the library if you really want to delve into the history of the building. The building seems to have been addressed as either 416 or 418 4th Street over the years.

The oldest thing in my notes shows a Cigar store in 1876. They named it Smith’s Row because there had been a legacy of blacksmith and tinsmith shops along 4th Street but not necessarily in that building.

The Red Mens fraternal lodge was there in the time frame from 1947-1970, possibly before. It appears that they were probably upstairs since the address was 416 1/2.


Pool Halls: it housed an Anderson & Meyer Pool Hall in the years around 1936-1939. There was a Schultz Pool Hall in the building around 1950-1953 and it was Pop’s Pool Hall around the years 1957-1959.

The 1965 directory shows 416-418 as vacant with the Red Men’s Lodge Hall at 416 1/2.

The 1970 directory shows the Sportsman Inn at 416 4th St with 416 1/2 vacant.

The Left Bank Restaurant was there in the time frame from 1980-1998. Smith’s Row was open when I moved here in 2000.

These are just the years in my notes so there are lots of holes in the dates.