Ladies of The Balcony

As all things enchanted we come to find ourselves sometimes wondering, is there such a thing as ghosts?  We I am here to tell you there is such things as enchantments for sure.

While closing “The Row” up for the General Manager at that time, I experienced this very interesting tale. It was a late evening of August, 2005 and all was well.  We had a very successful Friday evening.  Every customer left fully fed up with amazing cuisine and we did have a number of groups upstairs for private catering events that evening.  One particular group was a large group of elegant ladies that had been enjoying themselves throughout the Library and the Columbus room.  At times they ventured out the balcony many times through the course of the evening.  Nothing out of the ordinary, by any means.  When it came time to close all the servers/bartenders out, make sure there was no one else in the restaurant, did my normal rounds.  Shut off lights, normal routine right?  Well at that point I happened to be downstairs near the lounge area, when I heard what sounded like about  to be about 10-15 ladies still dinning with us? Ok,  was still a party going on upstairs? The sound grew louder as I approached the staircase.  Yes, there was definitely a party still in the building.  I proceeded to climb the now darkened stair case towards the balcony to find the balcony door, that I had already secured, was now open in the wind.  It was banging against the wood brick encasement.  No lights were on, just using my flashlight to take a peek around…….Nothing, and no one?


There was absolutely no one to be seen, in fact, those ladies stopped talking/parting as if they new I was on my way up the stairs.  I secured the door that evening, once again.  Rambled my way back down the stair case, to secure the restaurant.  No sooner that I hit the back door, I heard them start up again.  Chills ran down my spine, at that point.  I knew that I worked in an enchanted place, but those were stories only Ben (GM) would talk about experiencing himself.  He did tell me to make sure all the “Ladies,” were taken care of while he was on vacation, but never truly warned me of what he truly meant by this.  Somewhat creepy, yet very cool experience I share with you now over a decade later.